Samstag, 15. August 2009

The ShuffleRemote

ok ... i'll just suspect that you are familiar with the apple remote and the ipod shuffle (2nd Gen)

well you might have noticed that they both happen to have the same controls...
and i always carry the remote around ... so it would be perfect if i could use it on the go and at home for music.

after two days i got a shuffleRemote ... the remote is always on (even when it's on the docking station)... the ipod is switched on by connecting headphones ... but/and its always on shuffle

it could have been done to shut the remote part off wen headphones are connected... but i don't think that's so important .. and it is quite funny getting ready and putting headphones on and then press play/pause and the stereo goes off and the shuffle starts playing...

well here are some photos:


  1. dude, that is so cool. would you be willing to do another one and sell it to me? email me at

  2. there is just one thing i can say.... RESPECT !!!